Gustav Adolf Huber - Musiker, Pädagoge und Komponist aus Magdeburg


Who is Adolf Huber?

First of all we were surprised when we heard that a dutch student did not find information about this for him unknown composer. We could not expect that today someone is interested in our great-grandfather, who is a local musicean authority in Magdeburg (1872-1946), even if it is because of an lecturer, who wants his students to struggle.

We found out, that Adolf Huber is played all over the world.In time when he was a violin and piano teacher, Adolf Huber composed from 1890 till 1946 a number of pieces of music for amateur musiceans. We found traces in Germany, Poland, Sweden, Australia and the USA. Being proud we heard that one of his pupil-concertinos was recorded on a CD with classical violin pupil literature.

Soon you will find some more information about Adolf Huber.

Drechslermeister Huber - Drechslerei Magdeburg